Polignano a Mare

Polignano a Mare

Polignano, a dream

A land of dreams, an impregnable town perched on the cliff overlooking the Adriatic Sea. A crystalline sea bathes its coasts in overlapping layers, like “a book impetrated by time,” and it laps and foames in the numerous caves, which, from north to south, open up onto the cliff.

Polignano was depicted by a countryman of the last century as “a long grand papier-mâché nativity scene: all holes and gorges and caverns and teeth and spurs rising from the sea.

A nativity scene rising cyclopic, high, from the sea, crowning itself with houses with the color, appearance and the signs of time and storm, with small windows, balconies, terraces overlooking a boundless blue of clear waters ”. Sturdy and imposing rocky ridges hide enormous cavities carved by mighty woodworms over the centuries.

It is a miracle of divine equilibrium between ever-changing colors, the blue luminosity of the sea cavities filtered by the eastern or western sun, the dark cobalt that anticipates the storms and the whiteness of the imposing billows that overlap impetuously into coves and empty orbits sometimes frighteningly gigantic sometimes small and graceful, sometimes on the water, sometimes higher up, halfway up.

Connecting tunnels often allow the passage from cave to cave below the white houses that resist, unperturbed like vigilant sentinels perpetually standing, to the lash of history.
The Polignanese caves deserve to be visited to enjoy the magic light show that shimmer inside, the result of refraction between a bright sky and a clear sea, and to admire the portentous work that water and wind were able to accomplish over the centuries. An enjoyment that needs time.

In a week it is possible to get excited about this gruyère of the earth that plays the sweetness of the calm and the harshness of the storms, according to the power of the winds.
Above all and in every alley there is the smell of salt and the hospitality of the inhabitants.
A dream.

In Polignano the dreamlike fantasies become reality. It is the realism of daydreams, which everyone can play to implement it. Seeing is believing.